From Ranch Guests

"Sam, the guys loved it thanks for having us. Look forward to coming back"

K. Sparks  TDI Industries  Sept.2018

"We will be back... great place thanks for everything"

Beck Tech,  Sept 2018

"We appreciate everything, your place is great. Loving it"  Austin 

 Pi Kappa Phi / KSU University  4.22.18


Sam, we loved your place. All the guys want to come back next year. Thanks for everything. 

Drew / Elliott Electrical  4.12.18

"Our guys loved the ranch. We will be back next year". 

J. Duvall (Corp retreat Nov 2017)

The weather and lake were great !! The ranch beautiful, we enjoyed our stay. "Thanks for letting our Prom group stay." C. Chandler , ALLEN H.S. April 2017

"Sam, we love the plave and everyone is having a great time. This place has already been so special for all of us"  J. Saunders, Family Reunion Dec 2016

"Thank you Sam for letting us use your ranch the kids LOVED it. I want to live there, so beautiful. We will be back". T. Summers  Heritage H.S Frisco TX 

"Please add Lake Highlands to your shout out list, we loved it"

C. Armer - Prom Group April 2016

"Love this place. Great for our large family." S. Osuna  Frisco TX May 2017

"Our kids loved this place, parents too. We all had a blast. Hope to be back soon."          J. Chitwood. Plano Senior H.S. Jan 2016

"Cool place Sam. Thanks for having us and our seniors"  L. Cornett.

 Highland Park H.S  Dallas TX 2016

"Had a great time here, loved it. Thanks for everything".    F. Villalobos  

  Wedding July 2017