Lake Fork Boat Rentals

Pontoon Boat Rental Agreement

We only rent our boats out to qualified experienced boat operators only. Must Text picture of DL to 972.386.5555. Only 25 years of age and up. No minor operators at any time. Watch for stumps.

  1. No night use. Day only. $395.00 per day w/ 8 hours max on engine includes vests and gas, oil. $30.00 per hour after 8 hr day.
  2. Do not add any fuel mix, oil, or any other fluids to boat engine.
  3. To open walk through gates you must LIFT UP then turn. Do not force them open without lifting or they will break.
  4. To rotate seats: look under seat, pull release handle then swivel seat. Do not try and force it.
  5. Any damage you will be responsible for and your card on file charged. An inspection is done before and after each rental.
  6. Lake Fork is full of stumps. Stay in travel lanes by the buoys when traveling around lake. If you want to venture over in coves slow down coast and watch for stumps. Hitting a stump can ruin an out drive and or the engine.
  7. When launching boat and arriving at dock station people on front of boat and coast in to dock. Have them guide you in slowly. This will avoid damage hitting the panels on the boat.
  8. Clean the boat and leave it and the dock exactly as you found it. If not a $75.00 clean fee will be charged to card on file minimum.
  9. NO SMOKING or VAPING on boat no exceptions.
  10. Operators must be sober, not drinking or drugs no exceptions.
  11. There is a 1200 lbs MAX. Meaning if you have all adults only that is 6-8 people. You must have a life vest on board for each person. All vests must be returned or you will be billed to replace.
  12. Tie boat up and lock it EXACTLY as you found it. Make sure it secure before you leave. And not banging against the rails or dock.
  13. Do not jump or stand on seating. They will break. Slowly enter from deck to boat floor. Even if you have to walk the boat around.
  14. In order to rotate or swivel the captain's chairs you must lift up on the lever below the seat. Do not force them to turn they will break.
  15. You must shut the gate back after entering and leaving the property. Horses are on the ranch.
  16. If any damage occurs you must contact me immediately and send pictures to 972.386.5555.
  17. Take all sharp objects out of pockets and or bags that might damage the new seats.